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7 Organic Mushrooms and plant based Vitamin C. Energy, Focus, Immune


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Be well all day and kick sick to the curb with a burst of proven immune system activators. Gut to brain recovery.

$25.95 – $49.95

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 Say goodbye to late night reruns and social media scrolling! Sip your stress away, sleep well, & boost your immune system.

$25.95 – $49.95

Kids love the taste, parents love the high quality, plant based ingredients with 0 sugar. Multivitamin + Immune.


McPeak Mission

Our Guiding Principles craft our culture as we partner with family-owned farms and companies to deliver wildcrafted superfoods to you and your loved ones.

Transparency Promise

Global Goodness

Soul to Soul

Food is Medicine

Social Responsibility

Wildcrafted Ingredients



Organic Amla


Holy Basil

Holy Basil





McPeak Rosemary


McPeak Elderberry


McPeak Cherry

Acerola Cherry

McPeak Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm

McPeak Chamomile


The McPeak Difference

Be well all day, and kick sick to the curb with a delicious burst of wildcrafted Elderberry, Zinc, Vitamin D, Plant Based Vitamin C, Probotics, superfoods, and zero grams of sugar.

Reviews from our Community

“I sleep well, wake up feeling clean & alert. Flavor is great. The single-use packets are game-changing.”

Shay, Louisiana

“Clean and delicious plant based powders with zero sugar! I love the stick packs because I am always on the go. I bought a subscription and can feel the difference!”

John, Massachusetts

“I am absolutely obsessed with McPeak products. The 7 organic mushrooms and sleep defense are my favorites. The mushroom flavor is delicious! I sleep great on the sleep defense and without it I’m tossing and turning.”

Jaya, Florida

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