Magnificent 7 Mushroom Powder – 30 Count Subscription

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Imagine 7 magnificent mushrooms and plant-based vitamin C in a delicious strawberry single-serving powder with 0 g of sugar! Healthier than a hug and sweeter than a kiss from a unicorn. McPeak chose 7 unique, game-changing strains of mushrooms for daily wellness, performance, recovery, and a healthy mind and body.


The magic of nature’s mushrooms:

Cordyceps – Energy, stamina, increased circulation, and libido wellness.

King Trumpet – Immune antioxidant L – Ergothioneine (amino acid), Cholesterol, and bone support.

Chaga – Immune & antioxidant support.

Lion’s mane – Memory, cognition, and brain support.

Maitake – Beta glucan‘s, immune, and blood sugar support.

Turkey tail – Powerful polysaccharides, beta-glucans, and immune support.

Shiitake – Liver, cardiovascular, immune, oral health, and detoxification support.

Vitamin C – Plant-based from Acerola cherry.


In stock

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Why McPeak Magnificent 7 organic Mushrooms?

McPeak chooses MYCELIUM and Fruit body powder. The vegetative and sporing parts of the mushroom represents more than 95% of the mushroom life cycle. Powerful digestive enzymes, easy to digest. Delivers powerful beta-glucans and high in Vitamin B. Organic, non-GMO mushrooms.



McPeak®️ never uses artificial sweeteners. McPeak®️ chooses a non-high purity Stevia, a plant-based sweetener which maintains its plant-based properties.
McPeak®️ never uses artificial flavors or colors. McPeak®️ chooses only natural flavors from non-GMO edible foods, and functional food-based coloring, like beetroot, and organic purple sweet potato.

0 g of sugar!

Delicious Strawberry Skrilla Flava



Energy + Focus
Liver Support + Immune
Cholesterol and bone support
Stamina + Memory
Circulation + sexual enhancement
Plant-based vitamin C

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